Strategy on Tackling Inequalities in Africa

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Introduction; The four dimensions of sustainable development and what they seek to achieve. The Rio+20 outcome document refers to three dimensions of sustainable development (economic, social, and environmental) and emphasizes the importance of good governance [...]

Restoring the moral fabric of our Society – Future Forward

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Social Entrepreneurs have been one of the major diving forces of worldwide economy growth, employment and prosperity over the years. They are considered to be of high importance in ensuring economically, societal and environmental impact, [...]

British Council unveils Entrepreneurial Africa: London Showcase

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Africa’s most promising and exciting young entrepreneurs will showcase their latest innovations to the world at an event in London in March, the British Council has announced. The three day Entrepreneurial Africa: London Showcase event [...]

This Entrepreneur Raised $9.2M to Bring Banking to Underserved Areas

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Single mothers running small stores, struggling to buy their children school uniforms as they work long hours to make ends meet. That was the image that stuck with Matthew Flannery when he was in Tanzania, [...]

Africa’s Next-Generation Social Entrepreneurs Are Ready. Are We?

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This week, I will join President Obama and leaders from around the world to shine a spotlight on the importance of entrepreneurship to global development at the sixth Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) held in Nairobi, [...]